A Bit of Wedding Photography Background

 The practice of posing for photographs during the wedding started in the late 19th century and the entire concept of wedding photography and documentation became popular after World War II. Initially, people would pose in their Sunday best before and after the wedding. Posing in wedding clothes or hiring a photographer to take pictures at the venue started in the 1860s and by the time the 1880s rolled in, wedding albums were commonplace. They would include pictures of the bride and groom, the wedding party and the gifts.

DRToday, the industry of wedding photography provides a home and fulfilling career to respected names in the world of photography and is a major service for many studios or independent photographers. There are two major approaches to this type of photography. Photo journalistic and traditional approaches follow different methods to essentially get the same result which is immortalizing of one of the biggest steps in life. A traditional approach involves a lot of interaction and control by the photographer and a lot of images that are posed for in a classical manner. For example a photo of a bride and groom in a gazebo staring at each other or pictured on a backdrop of the sunset or a waterfall. The photo journalistic approach involves candid images with minimal interaction with the photographer. He or she will take photos of the event capturing emotions that people have not staged. These include a shared laugh between a groom and his bride, a smile at the end of a toast or a dance between an old couple at the event.

 There is a fashion-based approach that has become popular in the present day thanks to the influence of fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue. It involves innovative styles and images that are dramatic and post-processed. Wedding studio photography is another approach that is famous mostly in Asia. With this approach, the shooting can happen on location or in a studio. The couple will basically pose for glamorous wedding shots where they will change outfits and will a stylist and make-up artist to do their hair and touch up their make up. The industry is growing and new styles and approaches are coming up influenced by the fashion industry and trends in photography.


 The process of documenting a wedding can be an tough job. It can also be an invigorating and fun experience. The photographer has to look for the best angles and opportunities for those great shots, will have to have backup for their backup equipment and may not get the chance to even sit down from the start of the day till the end. Despite all this, and the unfortunate tragedy of missing a bite of the cake sometimes, seeing satisfied clients who will recommend you to friends and family is its own reward, plus of course the great commission you get afterwards. You should always be prepared for the unexpected and stay one step ahead of the couple, bridal party and guests at all times.

 Wedding photography is becoming a big part of wedding ceremonies and a big player in the fashion and photography industries. There are now organizations that support the art and help move it forward. These include, Professional Photographers of America, Wedding Photojournalist Association, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and Professional Photographers of Canada. They offer support, training, directory services and professional competition. If a photographer is a member of one of this, then they are insured and trained to handle the pressures of the day. The services offered will help capture all the beautiful memories of the day that you will treasure for a lifetime.


5 Great Tips for Choosing the Ideal Wedding Photographer

Arguably, the most critical decision to be made when planning a wedding is choosing a wedding photographer. An ideal match will result in photos to be cherished forever- and probably adorned on the walls of your home. But if the photos of your big day do not turn out as expected, you are likely to be one unhappy newly-wed couple! Below, therefore, are 5 great tips when choosing a wedding photographer as follows:

1. Create a short list after browsing portfolios

Just like nature or fashion photographers, or other artists or photojournalists, each wedding photographer is likely to have their own unique style. But regardless of how esteemed a photographer is, if their style does not suit you, their photos won’t either.

2. Arrange to meet candidates on the short list

Having created a short list of the wedding photographers who wowed you, it is essential to set up a meeting with them to ascertain that you click. If there is any uneasiness or awkwardness, the photographer might not be able to reproduce similar images to those in his portfolio for you. Also, since you are likely to be in contact with the photographer after your big day, be sure that they are easily available and you enjoy working with them. However, do not waste your time on photographers who fail to impress you. 

3. Be thorough

When viewing a potential wedding photographer’s portfolio, ask to scrutinize the complete and full set of images from the wedding. This is because a portfolio is highly selective and consists of only the best photos. By seeing full set of wedding day photos, you should be in a better position to analyze how the photographer’s style will capture each part of your big day i.e. the morning, actual ceremony, portraits, and finally the reception.

You may even go further in an attempt to gauge how seasoned an individual is by asking questions that will enlighten you on their experience, vision, and troubleshooting abilities. These may range from how they would describe their style and years of experience to how they would deal with any potential wedding day hurdles e.g. rain, disruptive in-laws etc.

4. When comparing quotes consider value

While there may be a few exceptions, generally, better photographers will cost more. That said, you can still hire a solid pro and save money by taking a deeper look at what is included in the prices quoted, whether a service or a product, and consider its importance to you. Often these quotes will include things such as parent albums and loose prints and since not all these may match your expectations or needs, you can save a great deal by cutting such extras.

5. Seek references

Once you have identified a photographer you could hire, ask them for a few references. Call up these people and establish whether they were satisfied with the work done in the lead up to the big day, during the ceremony, and after. You may also incorporate a Google search and see if there have been any complaints lodged against a potential hire. 

How to Find the Best Planner for Your Wedding

Long gone are those days when wedding planners used to be considered a luxury for celebrities and the wealthy in society. Nowadays, anyone who’s planning a wedding can hire a wedding planner who will assist him or her in making the necessary arrangements. Most people tend to experience a lot of problems when preparing for their wedding and usually worry a lot about the arrangements, execution of the wedding plan and much more. As a result, most people get stressed during this crucial period.

Finding the best wedding planner will assist you to remove the stress factor throughout your wedding planning. Besides, it will significantly ease your load as you plan your wedding making your big day memorable for all the right reasons!

So, what are some of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner?

A wedding planner:

*Helps you to find the best possible items for your wedding within your budget. 

* Makes floral arrangements, arranges for the photographer, videographer and decorations for the wedding.

*Assists you to identify the best possible church or venue for your wedding.

*Takes care of the guests list such as making sure that all invitations are sent out to appropriate recipients on time. 

*On the wedding day itself, the effectively supervises the proceedings of the ceremony to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

 *Ensures that caterers, singers, musicians and photographer are carrying out their tasks successfully. 

 *At the end of the reception when the guests are starting to leave, it is also part of the planner’s duties is to ensure that every guest is given a wedding favour. 

Here are some of the tips you might want to consider when choosing a wedding planner for your unique wedding:


It is imperative to consider the kind of training a particular wedding planner has before making your choice. He or she must have relevant training in the related field. This not only gives you more insight into the kind of wedding planner they are but also their level of professionalism. Wedding planners who have relevant training in a particular field are not only great wedding planners but are also passionate about weddings.

 *Consider your needs:

The type of service you require will determine the choice you make. There is a wide variety of wedding planners and as a result, it’s prudent to narrow down your selection depending on the type of services you require. There are wedding planners whose role is to provide coordination on the event day, those providing referral services and those who offer a comprehensive service. The choice is all yours.

*Background and education:

What is the background and level of education of the wedding planner? For instance if you require a lot of creative input, you may want to go for a planner who has a good background in that creative field for example art and graphic design.

*Consider the existing references and testimonials:

In fact this is the first step you may want to take in finding a wedding planner who will fulfil your needs. Check the website of a particular planner for testimonials if any. Certainly, one of the testimonials will provide important information and contacts which you may use to ask them what their experience was with a particular the wedding planner.

*Consider their experience and success:

It is practical that planners who have been in the business for quite some time are more reputable and reliable. Therefore, it is important to consider the number of years the planner in question has been in business. A reputable wedding planner should be able to provide you with references from the previous clients so that you can confirm the facts about their services. They should also provide you with a few examples of weddings they have planned in the past.


Is your wedding planner courteous and accommodating to your busy schedules? A good weeding planner should be adaptable and flexible. Besides, he or she should be realistic and honest about your wedding vision. This can enable you to know whether it can happen on your budget from the moment you start involving them to avoid unpleasant surprises at some later stage.

In a recap, finding a good wedding planner can really ease execution of your wedding plan. You just need to go the websites of the best wedding magazines, blogs, check out online guides in your area, ask friends, reception sites and other vendors.


Some Thoughts on Wedding Photography Today

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but wedding photos are more than that. Wedding photos consist of love, passion, memory, promise and joy and that is what makes them priceless and timeless at the same time. For most people, a wedding is a once in a lifetime event that cannot be repeated or re staged. It’s for this reason that makes it very important for a photographer to get it right and plan ahead. 

 Wedding photography has come a long way and most photographers will admit that the most stressful event one can ever photograph is a wedding. Powerful image editing tools and camera technology has however significantly helped photographers. Photographers can now create and manipulate photos to make them look amazing and pleasant to the eye. 

In almost every wedding, every couple will look to have something powerful and unique in the photo session. A good photographer should be able to capture emotions and tell the story in a truly magical way. Without a doubt, a photographer will need to be present and observant but also very inconspicuous. Couples should not be told to repeat poses and so it is the work of the photographer to ensure that all the small moments showing love and affection are captured.

FXAs a good photographer you should be able to capture all the good unusual moments. There will be time for formal posed wedding photos with friends and family but a photographer should look out for sporadic and less predictable moments. Look out for tender moments that will portray outright affection. You can use flash to freeze the moment and a small aperture to keep things sharp. You should however not put all your focus on the couple. A wedding involves a lot of invited guests, friends and families. These people will definitely offer some fun moments during the wedding. You can photograph the older folks dancing or the bridesmaid catching the bouquet thrown by the bride. These are just a few of many fun moments you can capture and show off your photography prowess.

Your photos should be able to tell the fairytale. You can do this by ensuring that your photos are taken differently from the normal family line up images. You can take the couple away from the commotion and put them in a secluded but amazing place. You can then take imaginative, intimate and authentic photos of the couple. You can take the couple indoors by a big window in order to capture their silhouette and make them kiss. Try to be imaginative and give your photos some spark.

 The aforementioned wedding photography tips would be useless if you do not have the right equipment that is properly set up. Remember the wedding is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event for the couple and you should therefore be at your best. Be creative but formal and capture some amazing images that will keep the couple happy and thank you for many years to come.